Why Liverpool is the best city for a student

  1. Heebie Jeebies. Need I say anymore?
  2. Late night clubbing- There’s always somewhere open until 6.. so if you’re not ready to go to bed, you can head to fusion or the jac or wherever else.IMG_1402
  3. 24 hour fast food- If you’re up all night writing an essay and fancy a bite to eat, theres always a dodgy pizza place you can order food from at 5am.
  4. UBER EATS means you can get McDonalds breakfast ordered to your door when you’re hungover AF.
  5. It’s full of touristy places you can show off to your friends and family when they come to visit. The docks, museums and Matthew street are the usual go-to’s, but there’s so much more too if you can be bothered to venture out the centre.IMG_0914.JPG
  6. The uni rivalry is pretty intense but also amusing. If you’re ever drunk enough to spill into popworld, the DJ will hype up the rivalry and get you swearing at your best mates for going to Uni Of.
  7. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION- It’s a 40 minute drive to Southport, just a short bus journey to different beaches, a 45 minute train journey to Manchester. Also, everything is so close in the city centre; all the best bars and clubs are within a 5 minute walking distance. It’s the perfect location, and everything is close. (except for Ikea which is all the way in warrington).
  8. THE PEOPLE. Just by walking down bold street you’ll see a huge variety of people. You’ll see charity workers giving out leaflets, you’ll see people of all races, poor people, rich people, chavs and goths, skaters and oldies. It’s not just students here, there’s a bit of everyone.
  9. THE PRICES. I mean, £2.50 double mixers and £1 bottles? Can you ask for anything else? And £80 per week for a roomy place in Smithdown with bills included is a pretty good deal too.
  10. WETHERSPOONS. There’s 5 in the centre. There’s most likely one within walking distance which means you’re more likely to make it in time for a spoons breakfast ahhh

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